Finding savings in places where no one is looking. In ways only now possible.

A data driven approach to maximize HVAC operations.

Sensible monitoring uses data science to answer real time questions on building energy utilization and its impact on HVAC efficiency.

Net-Zero and Smart building goals will only be met through a deep and granular understanding of critical heat transfer structures.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Sensible was created to produce the deep insights needed to reach our goals of sustainable, smart and efficient buildings.


The problems we seek to solve are highly
involved and intricate.

To approach our goals, we assembled an impressive team of visionaries, leaders and experts from varying fields of industry, technology and science. The results are groundbreaking.



HVAC Thermal Transfer Optimization Biomik is a revolutionary provider of economical and sustainable solutions for maintenance and care of mechanical systems. The company develops and holds patents for new standards in HVAC optimization and care by combining breakthroughs in Clean in Place (CIP) processes with BioFilm science and Internet of Things (IOT) M&V platform. Biomik caused disruptive change to the HVAC optimization and maintenance sector by integrating deep biological knowledge into best practices that deliver real savings and improvement. These substantial gains in performance and energy savings are paired with the ability to quantify gains with sound financial data. The result has proven to extend the life cycle of expensive infrastructure in HVAC heat exchangers and other industrial processes with enhanced environmental conditions. DEVELOPMENTAL PARTNER



Nationally Recognized District Chilled Water Expert Cool Systems, Inc. is focused on optimizing utility infrastructure for maximum performance and minimum cost from generation, distribution and demand side management. Principal, Joe Hoose, also a partner at dJoule, LLC, has served in key design and management roles on both new construction and renovation efforts of site utility analysis for district energy, central energy plants, power, heating, cooling, water, wastewater and site sustainability goals for healthcare, university, industrial commercial real estate, and airport system owners for over 30 years. Cool Systems has been instrumental in deep building energy retrofits including BAS building analytics, site wide utility metering and data collection, and market sensitive economic / emissions based dispatching of plant assets. Joe and Cool Systems help to maximize benefits afforded by energy infrastructure, waste energy recovery, and thermal delivery as integrators of pneumatic, electric, electronic, DDC and DCS controls systems DEVELOPMENTAL PARTNER



IOT Device and Sensor Integration Severn Labs provides leading edge solution design, development and implementation for Hardware/firmware prototypes. Severn Labs is a pioneer in Embedded Linux Applications, Custom Firmware Development, and state-of-the-art Prototyping. Catering to the demanding needs of the aerospace, defense, energy, and consumer electronics sectors, they leverage cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to bring the most complex embedded visions to life, ensuring seamless integration and unparalleled performance. With decades of experience in mission critical application, Severn Labs provides system design and software engineering solutions and services to enterprises of all sizes in addition to consulting on platform choice based on predicted performance and application requirements. DEVELOPMENTAL PARTNER



AI, Machine Learning & Algorithms. Energy Twin is an international data science, machine learning and AI pioneer for HVAC and mechanical systems providing solutions for energy savings and predicting energy consumption. Energy Twin is an advanced machine learning solution for energy consumption analysis, designed to identify problems and reveal the potential for future energy consumption savings and optimization. The Energy Twin objective is to improve energy efficiency through state-of-the-art tools and algorithms. With its precise analysis model, Energy Twin clearly evaluates the performance of energy saving projects with accurate and powerful visualizations. New potential for reducing consumption and dramatic cost savings is revealed, reducing overall building operational costs with machine learning for HVAC. DEVELOPMENTAL PARTNER



Channel Partner AQUIS specializes in the comprehensive refurbishment of mechanical air handling units. With innovative composite coating systems, AQUIS extends the life of mechanical air handling units without the disruption and high cost associated with equipment replacement. AQUIS provides a custom-engineered solution to address the specific concerns of air handlers. The AQUIS System is a patented composite technology that provides the only available solution which meets all regulatory requirements, including NFPA 90A, ASHRAE 62.1, Joint Commission and others. AQUIS extends the life of air handlers while maintaining safety and compliance for hundreds of customers nationwide in healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, commercial real estate and government. CHANNEL PARTNER


The first real-time monitoring system for AHU Coils

Until now, there was no data driven system to quantify coil health. SmartCoil is the new innovative algorithm-based monitoring system developed through a partnership of pioneers and HVAC experts to meet the needs of the HVAC industry.

The HVAC industry is faced with inaccurate and incomplete information to determine the health and efficiency of HVAC systems.

Methods like a non-technical visual inspection and random coil cleaning often resulted in costly, undiagnosed issues and downtime.

Specialized Sensors

The SmartCoil gateway collects data from an array of SmartCoil sensors strategically placed within an HVAC system.

Machine Learning Algorithm

Using a cloud-based, machine learning algorithm, SmartCoil translates raw coil data into intuitive analytics which include fouling metrics, performance trending and predictive maintenance.

Intuitive Dashboard

The SmartCoil dashboard is accessible through a multi-platform internet portal or compatible BMS system and easily operated and understood by HVAC service professionals.

Groundbreaking Insights for Performance and Cost Controls

By determining the coil fouling rate, the SmartCoil algorithm provides the ideal service schedule to minimize overall energy and maintenance costs. SmartCoil also determines the effectiveness of coil cleaning, tracks cost savings, and can even predict service failures before they occur.


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